Know My Name

You think you know everything
As soon as I walk through that door
You read me like a book
You figured me out
You have no doubt

Don't call me sweetheart
Don't call me darling
Don't call me honey
You know my fucking name

I'm not the one making this an issue
You try to make me feel so small
But really everybody knows 
You're just scared of me

Scared of me!


I think we can find inspiration in everything
We can make the effort to fall in love every day
To miss things we’ve lost
But not to give up on today
These are the choices that we can make

At what point is it all just rock and roll
When do I give up on the scene
Will it ever change
Will it always be the same

Can't we expect more from ourselves
From one another 
To see things through
To make a change

Witch Hunt

Does this look like a witch hunt to you?
It doesn't matter how long you've know them
That has only given you time to
Learn about their distain for the safety of others
Does this look like a witch hunt to you?

How much effort does this really take?
If these are just casual encounters
Certainly some friendships matter more than others
Certainly some things matter more than others

Does this look like a witch hunt to you?

If life is just a party 
Well even Prince said
"Parties were not meant to last"

Does this look like a witch hunt to you?
Certainly some things matter more than others

Where do we go?           

"Where do we go from here?" 
He said
"Now that our goals 
are replaced with regret?
What do we do
As far as I can tell
Seems like we're walking 
Barefoot through hell"

Some things change
Others they
Stay the same
Swallow a pill
Hope I can be saved

From the ghosts who haunt me
And make me waste my days,
On empty words,
Goals left unattained.

(Some things change)


I think you're full of shit
Talking yourself up
All you are is empty threats
Why don't you just give it up?

You're so fucking fake
Overseeing my every move
Criticizing everything 
That I say and do

I don't know why you're still talking
When I've given every indication 
That I'm not listening
I'm not fucking listening

Once thought we were on the same page
Now I see those days are over

I see your eyes turn 
And I know I've lost you
You've heard this one before

I recognize the things around me
But I don't understand them
I just don't understand

How much worse can it get?
When she calls me on the phone
And asks me to come home
But I just can't remember how I got here

I recognize the things around me
But I don't understand them
You can't make me understand

I have the audacity to believe things can change
That we can say who we really are

As he took a drag from his cigarette
Blood pours out between his teeth 
Did the disease move through his veins then?

But he never stopped
When he saw his friends on their death beds
When he himself lay dying

He saw through it all
Like the highways outstretched
Over the american landscape
There would always be another rest stop
Another friendly stranger to take his hand

How Far Will She Go?

I'm sick of hearing 
How they follow her while she's at the store
How they corner her at work
They ask the same questions
The answer is always no

How far will they go?
How far will she go?

When their face lays smashed on the floor 
Between produce and aisle four
When they can't breath through the burning
Or they weave into oncoming traffic
Because half their face is missing
Due to the exist wound

How far will she go?

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