Thursday, June 23, 2011


hello everyone!
sorry its been so long. its been a very busy few months for everyone, and my internet has been down, so it has been a bit hard to update.

first off, thanks to everyone who came out for the filming of the movie. it was a good time, and hopefully we will have video, and pictures to post from that, as well as more details regarding the film.

also, we just finished recording our songs for our upcoming split 7inch with our friends SIBLINGS. they are crushing.

in honor of this exciting event, we will be doing ten days this summer on the east coast with SIBLINGS where you will be able to pick up one of these fine pieces of vinyl. the dates for which you can find below.

we still need a little help with two or three dates, so if you are interested, and find yourself in one of these towns please let  us know.

we couldnt be more excited for the summer.

stay tuned for local shows, and other happenings.....
Aug. 20 Cleveland, Ohio
Aug. 21 Albany, New York
Aug. 22 Help Needed
Aug. 23 Portland, Maine
Aug. 24 Providence, Rhode Island
Aug. 25 Help Needed
Aug. 26 New Haven, Conneticut
Aug. 27 Help Needed
Aug. 29 Help Needed
Aug. 30 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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